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Flooring and return on investment

Finding flooring options that offer resale value


Moving into a new home that needs a bit of work? Tired of looking at the same worn or dated flooring? Did you buy a house that you’re going to flip?

Whatever your circumstance, making changes to your home’s existing flooring is an excellent way to alter and update the look of your home without having to live amid a crazy reno project for months. But if you’re thinking about making some home improvements – like changing your flooring – it’s also important to think about return on investment.

At United Floors in Courtenay, we help customers make the right choices every day. Here are our thoughts on finding flooring that adds resale value.


Initial things to consider

Before we jump right into the various floor products, we should take a moment to think about a couple other things. Everyone’s situation is different, so it’s important to start by considering a few questions. How long will you be living in the house? Who else is there with you (e.g., kids, dogs)? What is the home’s current style? Is new flooring justified?

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If you’re planning on flipping the house, you may want something different than if you were going to live there for another six years. Hardwood is awesome, but if you have little kids and pets, tile may be a better option. Consider speaking to your realtor and see if it’s worth putting bamboo into something that doesn’t need or deserve it. And take into consideration the overall look of your home, an open-concept West Coast-style house would likely look better with wood than tile.


Hard to beat hardwood

Hardwood is popular, durable and beautiful. Without a doubt, it will increase the worth of your home, however, it can be pricey to buy and install. If you are having a tough time justifying it, check into laminate for that same look; it’s definitely less costly, however the return on investment isn’t there either.

Wood floors are easy to care for and, today, hardwood types, options and applications are more diverse and delightful than ever. Manufacturers’ ability to produce better quality finishes and superior construction techniques means that wood floors can now be installed throughout the home and over a wide variety of subfloors.


Tile holds its own (and holds its value)

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Like hardwood, tile is timeless and versatile. Hardy and easy to clean, it will hold up well over the years. Tiles can be made of stone, porcelain and ceramic, with stone being the dearest and ceramic most affordable. And, as with wood, there are numerous styles, colours and finishes to choose from. A low-maintenance, fire- and stain-resistant natural product, tile holds its value well.


Other possible considerations

Torlys Cork

Cork is an option that many people like because it’s a renewable, naturally sourced product. However, it has a look that many people either love or don’t like. So, while it’s an excellent product, you may want to think hard about it before purchasing.

Also, don’t go with something that is the latest trend because trends come and go – what’s popular this year may look dated in five years’ time. (Am I the only one thinking about shag right, now?) By all means, get flooring that you like, but it might be wise to stick with something that’s a bit more neutral in terms of style and colour.


Obviously, there are plenty of things to consider. Our experts can work with you to help you find the flooring option that works best for your situation. No matter what you decide, rest assured that we will have what you need.

Come visit us at United Floors in Courtenay, and check out our great selection of stylish options. Let us handle all your residential and/or commercial flooring needs.