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The most durable floors for families

Engineered luxury vinyl plank & tile is virtually kid-proof


Flooring and family life – not always the best combination.

Between the mud that gets tracked in, wet boots through the spring and fall, occasional rollerblades and scooters, not to mention scratchy nails on “fur babies,” kids, toys and pets can take a toll on the look and life of a floor.

So, what’s a parent to do? Wait until everyone is off to college before installing hardwood? Buy that industrial-grade lino so popular with old hospitals and schools? Well, that’s one way to go.

But here at United Floors, we have a better solution – luxury vinyl!

Not sure what it is or if it would work for your home? Read on . . .

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What is luxury vinyl and how is it made?

Luxury vinyl has the look and feel of natural wood and tile but offers homeowners a durable, long-lasting finish at a reasonable price. Perfect for high-traffic areas because of its hardiness and waterproof properties, it also works well in other areas of the home because of its beautiful appearance. Quiet, simple to maintain and easy on the joints, this flooring works in any commercial or residential situation.

Luxury vinyl comes in plank or tile formats and is constructed in layers that are fused together using heat and pressure. Typically there is a vinyl backing and then a base layer that’s made primarily of PVC vinyl. This layer gives the flooring its flexibility and dimensional stability. The decorative 3D PVC film layer (colour and design pattern) is next. The top layer is called the wear layer and comes in a few different thicknesses; made of a clear sheet vinyl that may or may not include a urethane coating, it provides the superior protection for which vinyl flooring is known.

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Sure, it’s tough, but how does today’s vinyl look?

Simply put, it looks great. With advances in print and embossing technology, these floors look good from any angle. And there is a huge variety of styles, colours, patterns and designs to choose from. Whether you want your floors to have the look of wood, stone, tile, concrete or anything else, you’ll be able to find something to fit your needs. You can choose to have decorative geometrics , borders and grout options, as well as combine tiles and planks. And with the great finish, it will keep that look for years and years to come.

Installation and maintenance of vinyl planks and tile

The nice thing about vinyl plank and tiles is that, if you’re handy, you can do it yourself. No need to pay installation fees if you don’t want. While installation guidelines vary slightly between manufacturers, the process is pretty straightforward and the flooring comes with detailed instructions on layout and installation.

It is important to start with a clean, smooth and dry subfloor and to acclimate your tiles to the room or areas where they will be installed. Of course, if you need any help with installation or advice, our helpful staff is here for guidance. Check out this link for more details on installation of vinyl planks and tiles.

Once installed, maintenance is also basic. These floors should be swept, dust mopped or vacuumed on a regular basis. Wet mopping with a mild solution and water is recommended every few weeks. While the flooring is waterproof, it’s better not to let water stand for long periods of time. Spills should be wiped up quickly; for advice on removing nail polish, felt marker or rubber heel marks, visit our website’s vinyl maintenance page.

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With luxury vinyl, there’s no need to stick with the flooring you have. Come see all the options that are available to you and your family at our Courtenay showroom. Meet with our friendly staff, and we’ll help you get your project going.

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