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The evolution of vinyl flooring

Technological advances make vinyl a great flooring choice for any room


Looking for flooring that is comfortable, stylish, affordable and durable? Vinyl flooring is the perfect way to go!

Vinyl flooring? Really? Vinyl?!

Yes! Maybe it brings back memories of your Grandma’s kitchen, but the evolution of vinyl flooring makes it a good choice for many of today’s homeowners.

A quick look at the great vinyl products at our Courtenay showroom is sure to grab your attention. And here’s some more info to get you thinking about vinyl for your next flooring purchase.


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Vinyl flooring – the way it was

Obviously, something that caught hold during the Great Depression has changed over the years. But what made it so desirable back then still works today – its durability. Discovered in the 19th century and employed as a rubber alternative in the 1940s, the first vinyl flooring was made in Sweden 1947. By the mid-1950s, it had really caught on.

Into the 1980s, it had become more stylish, but was still being made with an asbestos backing. With the development of engineered hardwood and laminate flooring, the 21st century has seen more advances in vinyl as it attempts to keep up with the competition.

The best things about today’s vinyl flooring

Well, for one thing, no asbestos! It’s now made using polyvinyl chloride (PVC); check out our website for more info on how vinyl flooring is made. Easy maintenance is always a selling point, and completely waterproof options are great for high-traffic, high moisture areas. Underfoot, vinyl is a softer option than wood or tile so it’s comfortable for long periods of standing and can feel warmer as well.


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Also, standard sizing has changed to offer greater flexibility to consumers. Still available in sheets and tiles, you can also get vinyl in plank form, complete with core layers and tongue-and-groove glueless, locking technology. There have also been improvements in the wear layers, as well as resistance to static and slips. Without a doubt, function has been upgraded, as has its style.

Style, design and vinyl flooring

The last decade has seen not only enhancements in the appearance of vinyl, but also the surface feel. Wood grain actually looks like wood grain, and surface subtleties do a good job of mimicking ceramic and stone patterns. More attention is now given to both colour spectrums and colour variations. From decorative borders to grout options, there is a look that will work for your home.


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Is vinyl flooring right for you?

Vinyl’s low cost, durability and long-wearing nature means that it works for many homeowners. And now that it looks so good, it makes it an even easier sell.

In terms of installation, tiles are not too difficult to do yourself but larger areas may be better handled by professionals. And depending on the condition of your subfloor, you may want people with flooring expertise to lend a hand.

Look at your budget and the area you want to install new flooring and you may find that vinyl fits the bill. Make sure to come by our Courtenay showroom to see all the different vinyl products that we have available, and speak with our knowledgeable staff to find out which manufacturers offer what.

We look forward to seeing you here at United Floors in Courtenay to let us help you make the right flooring decisions for your home. Drop by 362 – 10th Street today!