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Keeping your hardwood surface beautiful

Tips for maintaining hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are popular for plenty of reasons, not least of which is their beauty. And in order to keep your floor looking its best for a long time, you need to show it some love.

Following are some tips to ensure your hardwood floor keeps shining over the years.

Not certain if you have what you need to protect your floor’s finish? Don’t worry – at United Floors we carry a range of maintenance items, from finishes to fillers to felt protector pads.

Keep up with regular maintenance – daily, weekly or somewhere in between

Today’s factory-applied polyurethane finishes are very tough, but that doesn’t mean they can’t use a little help along the way. Loose grit or sand can lead to scratches, so sweeping or vacuuming often is a good idea. In fact, a daily dust with a microfiber mop is both easy and quick. The mops use static electricity to pick up dirt and dust, as opposed to just pushing it around with a broom. Keep the microfiber pad in contact with the floor until you are finished and wipe up any extra dirt.

A weekly(ish) damp mop is also prudent. But make sure not to use too much water, rather a light misting with appropriate cleaner will keep the wood happiest. Don’t use soap-based detergents and wax or steam cleaners.

And if the finish begins to dull over the years, you can renew it by recoating with a good quality, non-yellowing polyurethane finish. Always speak with the pros if you have any questions about cleaning or refinishing products.

Things to avoid – spills, heels and humidity

Don’t cry over spilt milk, coffee or pop, but do get it wiped up as quickly as possible with a slightly damp cloth. For dried spills use a cloth or light scrub pad with the hardwood manufacturer’s cleaner.

Heels, especially spiky ones or any in disrepair, should be left at the door in order to avoid dents. And consider making the floor a pet-free zone (unless you have some cozy booties for them).

Wood floors can have a complicated relationship with humidity as changes often cause expansion and contraction. Living on the “wet coast” can make moisture in the air more of an issue, so having some form of humidity control is a good idea. Try to keep humidity around 35 per cent in your home – more than 50 and your floor may experience bulges or ridges between seams. Temperature should also stay somewhat constant, ideally between 17 and 22 degrees. Opening windows and using hood fans when cooking, using bathroom fans for 30 minutes after a shower and using a dryer rather than hanging clothes inside all help to reduce moisture in the air.

A little prevention goes a long way – area rugs, felt pads, chair casters

For areas of the floor that see high traffic, an area rug can keep moisture and dirt from becoming a problem. Felt padding, glides and casters can make life easier as well; we carry a good number of options at our Courtenay location.

If you do need to make some moves with the furniture, ensure that the feet of the furniture are clean before pushing things around. Or, better yet, use a blanket or face-down carpet to slide furniture, especially those heavier items.

Come see us at United Floors in Courtenay for all your flooring and flooring maintenance needs. Our helpful staff will set you on the right path and can always offer a solution. Visit us at 362 – 10th Street today!