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How to pick out an area rug

Tips for choosing the right rug for your needs

Choosing the right area rug, like any aspect of interior design, comes down to creating the right feel for your particular environment. But even though you have your own style preferences, your own furniture, your own layout restrictions, there are some good general rules of thumb when it comes to getting the perfect rug.

At United Floors we have the staff, the products and the know-how to help you make the right decisions. In fact, here are some tips to for you to keep in mind to help you choose wisely.

Size does matter, at least when it comes to area rugs

Whether your area rug will lay in the living room, bedroom or other, it has to be the right size. And while the tendency is to go with a smaller size for affordability reasons, that’s not always best. If you have a big space, go for a big rug and have all the furniture on it to keep the look pulled together. Found a small rug that is the perfect colour? Try layering it on top of a larger plain rug, such as jute, to still have that tied-together look. If you have a small room, keep the rug centered and all the furniture (other than a coffee table) off. In the dining room, make sure everything fits when chairs are both in and out. There’s nothing worse than having guests struggling to shuffle a chair’s back legs over the lip of a rug.

Material and texture matter, too

Who, what, where? Who will be using it, what is its purpose, where will it be located all come into play when considering material, weave and texture. Kids and dog can play havoc with a rug; good idea to keep it a flat weave or low-pile for easy clean-up. Those options also work well for higher traffic areas such as hallway or entry ways, as they’re not tripping hazards. Thicker, high pile rugs are nice in bedrooms and living rooms, for comfort and visual appeal. While natural fibers, such as jute and grasses have a beachy, organic look and feel, they don’t have the same warmth and can splinter over time. Your new rug needs to feel right so don’t be shy to test it barefoot or get your kids to crawl around on it.

Area rug colors and patterns

In an ideal world you would choose your rug before you do all your other decorating because it’s big and often has the greatest visual impact. (Then again, maybe that’s just OUR ideal world . . .) If you’re starting from the ground up, choose an interesting pattern and a nice palette that speaks to your tastes. If you already have patterned furniture and coordinating throw pillows, additional colours and designs can be a distraction. Want to highlight the great hardwood floors? A contrasting rug will draw the eye down. Want your stunning light fixture to take center stage? Choose a rug that complements your other flooring.

Some other things to consider when shopping for an area rug . . .

Don’t forget to have non-slip underlay to keep things in place. If you change your styles often, get something timeless that can work with any décor. Consider what it will be like to clean. Take your time and make sure you wait for the right rug.

At United Floors in Courtenay, we will work with you to make the right choice. Our helpful staff is always glad to offer a suggestion and share our know-how. Come see us for all your flooring needs.