Waterproof flooring – a dream that’s now reality

Finally flooring that stands up to the test of time and wetness

Time was, when it came to waterproof flooring you’d essentially be referring to concrete. But rejoice wet West Coasters – no longer is that the case!

We get it, stuff happens. Between kids and pets, and living in a temperate rainforest, trying to keep your floors dry can be a challenge. That’s why United Floors in Courtenay is happy to carry waterproof flooring options from Shaw Floors.

Why spend time worrying about wet floors when you’ve got things to do?

Waterproof carpet made to handle life

Shaw Floors has created a new carpet collection that features LifeGuard – a waterproof backing that offers unprecedented protection. With the look and feel of regular carpet, it is available in numerous colours and styles and promises to be 100% waterproof.

Skeptical about their claims? Check out this video of a swimming pool made out of their carpet and built by one of their retail partners. Weird, admittedly, but effective . . .

Okay, so maybe you’re just more concerned about stains and the occasional spill. Shaw Floors’ Life Happens collection features their patented R2X® Stain and Soil Resistance system. Unlike other soil-resistance systems, R2X® protects below the surface by offering total fiber coverage. Spills that reach the base of the yarn don’t penetrate and actually wick back to the top of the carpet surface. Contact us to ask about style and colour combinations.Waterproof luxury vinyl flooring that’s second to noneOf course, carpeting – waterproof or not – isn’t always suitable for every room in your home. So maybe some waterproof luxury vinyl flooring fits the bill. United Floors also carries Shaw’s Floorté line.Floorté™ floors are not only waterproof but also strong, durable and flexible, which helps conceal imperfections of the floor beneath, and make it a great option on and below ground level. Its waterproof qualities are ideal for high-moisture areas, such as basements, bathrooms and mudrooms.Not sure about the look of vinyl? This product is created using high-definition printing to create a look that’s highly authentic. Choose from a variety of designs that emulate the popular finishes of hardwoods, as well as a variety of fossilized wood, stone and concrete visuals.

Whether choosing carpet or vinyl, Shaw’s warranty protection ensures customer satisfaction, time after time.

And when you buy from United Floors in Courtenay, you know that the brands we carry offer quality production and excellent diversity and selection – all at a fair price, and with Air Miles to boot!.

Come in to our 6,000-square-foot showroom and talk to our knowledgeable sales staff about flooring options today.