The Nightmare of Improperly Installed Flooring


Did you know that not all flooring installers have the same certification or experience? Courtenay United Floors is proud of the fact that our installers at Courtenay United Floors are highly experienced and most are Red Seal Certified!

Red Seal Certification is an interprovincial standards program that tests the knowledge and ability of skilled tradespeople to ensure that workers meet certain levels of expertise. Our Red Seal certified flooring installers work with a wide variety of floor coverings, but most importantly, they can also inspect and correct floor surfaces for cracks, chips and holes. When new flooring is installed over damaged floor surfaces the problem may not be noticeable right away, but as time passes and the house settles or the flooring shrinks or contracts with changing temperatures or humidity, the floor can warp, buckle and even need to be completely replaced.

Different flooring materials have a myriad of different installation requirements that are influenced by the nature of your home. For example, a basement floor that is susceptible to moisture may not be the best place to install hardwood flooring. In fact, when hardwood flooring is installed the moisture in the room needs to be carefully monitored in order to prevent splitting and devastating damage.

Check out this Global news video on what can happen when flooring is installed wrong!

Flooring installation requires in-depth knowledge and skill just like any other construction trade, and we take floor installation very seriously. As your Comox Valley flooring experts, not only can we help you make tough choices, our expert installers make the job simple and safe.

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