The Nightmare of Improperly Installed Flooring

Did you know that not all flooring installers have the same certification or experience? Courtenay United Floors is proud of the fact that our installers at Courtenay United Floors are highly experienced and most are Red Seal Certified! Red Seal Certification is an interprovincial standards program that tests the knowledge and ability of skilled tradespeople to ensure that workers meet certain levels of expertise. Our Red Seal certified flooring installers work with a wide variety of floor coverings, but most importantly, they can also inspect…

What Kind Of Flooring Is Best For Allergy Sufferers?
What kind of flooring is best for allergy sufferers?
Hardwood floors, Rugs & carpet

What kind of flooring is best for allergy sufferers?

The answer might surprise you!

Did you know that 1 in 6 Canadians suffers from seasonal allergies? The biggest causes are pollen and spores from plants, mold and fungi, which have reached record-breaking levels in the last few years. Most of us have become keenly aware of pollen counts, which measure the quantity of pollen particles in the air, because these levels can severely affect our lives. Coughing, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes are only the mild symptoms – many allergy sufferers also have asthmatic reactions and have to take medication to improve their respiratory health.

Allergy sufferers know that indoor air quality can really improve their daily life and reduce the needs for medications. But, taking steps to keep homes dust and particle-free can be a monumental task, and it seems as though a hardwood or laminate floor could make the job easier. But does having a hard floor actually keep a home cleaner? Does carpet make allergies better, or worse?

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